The only one of its kind Not to be confused with a standard road-going Porsche 924. After completion in 1980 of 400 units of the 924 Carrera GT, required for homologation into Group 4, Porsche produced a small, evolution series, further developed within Group 4 regulations - the 924 Carrera GTS. Just 59 Carrera GTS were produced and of these, 15 were built to Clubsport specification.All 59 GTS exact.

mples were finished inRed to LHD specification and were built with performance features such as lightweight fibreglass wings, doors and bonnet; a thinner, bonded windscreen with plexiglass side-windows and rear hatch; Porsche 935 racing seats; a 120 litre capacity fuel tank; 40% limited-slip differential; aluminium semi-trailing arm with coil sprung rear suspension and 911 Turbo brakes with cross-drilled vented discs.The GTS featured a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, which developed 245 bhp at 6,250 rpm, using 1 bar of boost. Maximum torque of 335 Nm was obtained as low as 3,000 rpm and the GTS accelerated from 0-100 kph (62mph) in just 6.2 seconds with a maximum speed of 250 kph (155mph).In Clubsport specification, the engine performance was boosted still further to 280 bhp at 1.1 bar (with the aid of a larger, front mounted intercooler.) 0-100 kph (62mph) was achieved in just 5.2 seconds with a maximum speed of just over 160 mph. To save further weight, Clubsport body shells were the same as the GTR, constructed from thinner gauge steel with no under-body protection and were fitted with a factory-built, aluminium roll cage, Halon fire extinguisher and Porsche 935 race seats with 4-point Autoflug harnesses.924 GTS Clubsport ComfortThis car was built in the factory race department, retaining all the usual CS / GTR LWT body shell and glass fibre outer panels and Plexiglass windows etc, and then hand finished to 'komfort variante' in the Studio Weissach (special wish studio) for a discerning factory customer.This unique comfort-spec order included: leather sport seats, leather-trimmed Clubsport doors and dash panel, leather trim panels, sports seats and specially ordered carpets - all of which were unique and hand-made for this car alone, not stock items from another model - also applied are unique GTS body decals to front, side and rear together with black-painted sill and bumper trims.Complete with the Clubsport 280bhp engine and a host of other ‘special-wish’ items, this car was by far the most expensive 'road spec' Porsche of its era, costing 148,350 DM - approx 30% more expensive still than a standard Clubsport at 110,000 DM (if you could call any Clubsport standard!). (tatt fra Porsche Classic


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